Saturday, October 24, 2009

GSC Yuzuko Peppermint - Yuzuko Hayakawa 1/8 PVC Figure

Scheduled for release March 2010 is this PVC figure of Hayakawa Yuzuko ( 早川柚子 ) from the 'Yuzuko Peppermint' which is a manga currently serialized in YOUNG GANGAN magazine, authored by Dai Satou and drawn by Maseru Gotsubo.

The figure will be sold together with
  • An original drama CD story written by Dai Satou
  • Booklet including illustrations by Maseru Gotsubo
Yuzuko is the wielder of the special ability 'Peppermint', which turns her hair green and boosts her abilities when shes pissed off. GSC has included a replaceable head allowing you to pose her using her 'Peppermint' ability. Her weapon, Shiranuhi , which is basically a huge iron ball acts as a base for the figure.

I find the figure quite nice, espicially when you swop in the "flame-like" hair. It gives that "powered-up" look ala DragonballZ Super Saiyan. The color scheme is the standard Jap schoolgirl colors although the shading of the skirt looks particularly nice.

Pity that the weapon/base is only 1/2 a ball instead of a whole. I would have preferred them to omit the extras (CS, booklet etc) and gave me 1/2 a ball more :)

At almost SGD$150 bucks, have a look at the pictures to decide if its worth it.

Get yours HERE at PlayAsia. They ship internationally and offer FREE shipping to Singapore.

Product name Yuzuko Hayakawa (はやかわゆずこ)
Series Yuzuko Peppermint
Price 9,800Yen (~$SGD$148)
Release Date 2010/03
Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8th scale - approximately 30cm(H) (with peppermint hair)
Sculptor Ken Yokota



  1. The original product from GSC was a full ball !

    But don't know why the stupid GSC go cut the ball into half ?? Argh ~

  2. Yar. I went back to check the pics of the early prototype and its a full ball..
    maybe they did it to reduce the height :(

  3. sad =(
    half a ball really look very ugly ~ the girl was so damn nice but the half ball make the whole figure look bad :(

  4. Yar..
    See FULL BALL is always better then see half ball.. lolz

    ok ok..lame joke.
    But i do agree with you