Saturday, October 3, 2009

DWTOYSPOT Sales at China Square Central (CSC) - 11 October 2009, Sunday

DWTOYSPOT Sales at China Square Central (CSC) - 11 October 2009, Sunday

Yet again, DWToyspot will be setting up a stall again at the China Square Central Fleamart.
The stall will be located at China Square Central 2nd Floor near the escalator area( the one going down to TnTs)

The booth will be there from 11am-5pm.

Some of the items that will be for sale:
Hot Toys Iron Man Mk III (Gunmetal)
Aoshima Legioss
Lego Chrome Vader & Air Ambulance
Yamato 1/60 VF-1A Hikaru Ichijo
Transformers ( Music Label Prime, Soundwave, Rumble & Frenzy etc )
T2 Kubrick
Toynami Volton Giftset
Binaltech Tracks (BT-06)
Halo 3 figurines (4 pcs)

Nendoroids [Nendoroid Exelica, Lucky Stars, Zoids etc]
Soul of Chogokins [various]
Hottoys Appleseed Ex Machina Snap Kits
Designer Vinyl Toys (Touma, Blizzcon Noobz)
Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Ichiban KUJI (complete set)

There will many more goodies on sale.

So do pop by and say Hi and hopefully you find something that you fancy :)



  1. Hi there...saw ur post on hrz...was wondering...any where in singapore can get Figma Drossel Figure? been looking for a while...maybe u can email me?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. the Figma Drossel figure has already been sold out at most shops. Last I heard Rapid Culture had stock but that maybe gone already.

    Either you wait for the re-issue, buy online or even better wait for the Bandai Chogokin version of Drossel :) (see post on Tamashii 2009 for this)