Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alter Hyakka Ryoran - Hattori Hanzo 1/8 PVC Figure

After Yagyu Jubei and Sanada Yukimura , the next in line to be released by Alter is Hattori Hanzo. All 3 are from the Samurai Girls manga (which I never read). If you want more info on Hyakka Ryoran, you can check it out HERE at their official website (in jap)

Heres a pic of what Hattori looks like in the manga.
Alter has done a good job of sculpting the figure to be pretty much accurate to the manga. From the slit like shoes to the blades in the skirt, its all there. Some nice detailing espiecially in the blades on her skirt. Look closely and you would see each blade shaded nicely.

However, all this is destroyed but 1 thing... the pose. Omg.. whoever who did the pose should be SHOT. I guess Alter wanted to catch that exact moment where Hattori is gearing up to throw that huge-ass shiriken. But because the head is turned almost towards the back (almost perpendicular to the front of her body) , I imagine it is very difficult to find a correct angle to display this figure. I already experienced this from running through acceptable pics to post here. You can seen the difficulty in taking a picture which shows a "good angle" of the figure. Basically, you have either "Face with ass" angle or "front but no face" angle.. WTF...Imagine this on your shelf and deciding how to display her... I would think the only solution would be a rotating stand....

Oh well.. they can't be all winners.Yagyu Jubei and Sanada Yukimura were both fantastic figures in this series.. too bad they had to screw up this one..

Here are some pics (you'll soon realise that you are scrolling up and down to try to see the figure :P )

You can get yours HERE at PlayAsia. They ship internationally and offer free shipping to Singapore.

Specs Product name Hattori Hanzo
Series: Hyakka Ryoran

Price 8800Yen
Date 2010/01

Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8th scale - approx 22cm(H)

Alter Offical Homepage
Hyakka Ryoran Official Homepage

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