Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alter ToHeart2 - Ilfa 1/8 PVC Figure

Scheduled for release June 2010 is the Ilfa ( シルファ ) 1/8 PVC figure from the ToHeart2 series published by Leaf/AQUAPLUS.

In the series, Ilfa is acutally an experimental maid robot from Kurusugawa Electronics,and the body is customized from the mass-produced HMX-16 'Leon'. She has 2 younger sisters, Milfa (lolz..what a name) and Silfa. Silfa was released as a PVC late last year from Alter.

To me, Ilfa really looks like the earlier release from Alter of Silfa and theres nothing wrong with that since they are supposed to be sisters anyway. However this means that unless you are a ToHeart2 fan, a casual collector probably won't want to get Silfa if they already have Silfa.

That being said Ilfa carries all the good points from Silfa such as a rich color scheme, good detailing and innocent faced backed up with her pose.

Summary?? Get if you are a fan or if you missed Silfa :)

You can get yours HERE from PlayAsia.They ship internationally.

Item name : Ilfa

Original : ToHeart2

Dimensions : 1/8 scale, approx height 19.5cm(H)

Specifications:Pre-painted PVC Figure
Release Date : June 2010
Price : 6800Yen (~SGD$104)


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