Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kotobukiya Shining Wind - Xecty Eve 1/8 PVC Figure

From the PS2 action role-playing game developed by Nextech and Amusement Vision and published by Segam Kotobukiya is going to release the Xecty Eve ( ゼクティ・イヴ ) 1/8 PVC figure form the “Shining” game series “Shining Wind”.

Clad in red , with horns and a huge scythe, I find this rendition of Xecty looks even better then the earlier Military Version. The red and white colors give the figure a bold/strong feeling and coupled this with that wicked looking scythe elevates Xecty to AFF status. Closer inspection also reveals some fine detailing on the figure, like the ruffles on her coat in the waist area and the metal looking eyelets that the laces go through on her arms. Facial expression though bland but does add to the stoic feel of the whole figure. I would have liked that the eyes portray a more piercing stare but.. oh well..

A nice figure to add to your collection whether you are a Shining Wind fans or just love beautiful females with huge weapons (AFFs). This will be released in May 2010 for a rrp of 6,800Yen.

Get yours HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product name Xecty Eve
Series Shining Wind
Price 6,800 Yen (~SGD$105)
Release Date 2010/03
Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8th scale - approximately 20cm(H)
Sculptor Hirotoshi Nakamura



  1. Hi Surge , i was just wondering did u buy this figure ?

  2. Actually.. I skipped this figure in the end.
    The lack of space deemed that I couldnt randomly get PVCs... :P

  3. Oh i see ~ Thanks for your reply !