Sunday, January 24, 2010

GSC Fate Stay Night - Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ 1/7 PVC Figure

Phew..Just came back from a trip and I noticed a few new items out from GSC and even a new website design. :P

Well, this particular PVC is expected as we have seen prototypes are various shows and previews from Mika-Tan before.

Ramping up for the upcoming movie of 'Fate/Stay night' comes this 1/7th scale figure of Saber.
Saber is sculpted in a dynamic leaping forward pose ,striking down with her sword 'Excalibur. Since she is held up only by 1 leg, I hope GSC reinforced that leg to prevent any leaning of the figure. I do like the pose though and would probably find a slain monster to serve as fodder for Saber when displaying her :)

Detailiing on the figure is fantastic, with etching on the armor and Excalibur sharp and clean. Nice shading on her skirt armor to give the figure depth. Best of all is that two separate swords are included: the standard Excalibur, as well as 'Invisible Air', which makes use of clear plastic to truly make it seem more like an invisible sword. This is really the icing on the cake for this figure and rounds it off nicely.

I already have a few Saber figures and was planning on skipping this release. However after looking at it further, i believe this will be a great figure. So adding this to my collection.

Have a look at the pics and decide if you want to snag one too.

You can get yours HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally and offer free shipping to Singapore.

Product Details
Product Name Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ (せいばー やくそくされたしょうりのけん(えくすかりばー))
Series Fate/stay night
Manufacturer Good Smile Company
Category PVC
Price 9800Yen
Release Date 2010/07
Specifications Painted PVC figure, 1/7th scale, approx 25cm(H)
Sculptor Hironori Tokunaga
Cooperation Takayuki Kawahara


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