Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orchid Seed Lineage II - Elf Mage 1/7 PVC Figure

Orchid Seed is going to release this fabulous figure from the popular MMORPG , Lineage II. This will be a PVC figure of the Elf mage character from the game.

I really love the sculpt of this figure, and it portrays that coy yet ethereal quality that you would expect from a hot female elf (think Arwen from LOTR). There is exquisite detailing and patterns on the cloths and weapons of the figure. Just look at the boobs.. Ahem I mean chest area of the figure and the details on the frilly edges of the cloths. The 2 weapons also look great and are big enough for me to consider this figure an AFF. Anyways, this figure has a cast off feature which allows you to remove the jacket to see the nice detailing on the "chest area" :)

Facial expression is ok, though up close the eyes are seem abit "flat". Which brings me to the gripe about this figure... There is a Very obvious seamline on her left arm which can be seen when the jacket is removed.. WTH?? I'm not sure if this is to allow the removal of the jacket but its an eyesore if you want to display her "topless"
Oh well... I guess the jacket does look good enough to leave it on. Although I'm sure Orchid Seed could have done better to get around this.

In summary, a definite plus to any PVC collection which would look fabulous even on its own. One thing though.. do elves wear high heels??...

You can get yours HERE from the great folks at HobbySearch.


Product name Elf Mage
Series Lineage II
Price 7,800 Yen (~SGD$43)
Release Date 2009/12
Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/7 scale - approx 22.5cm(H)



  1. Yes elves wear high heals:D Humans do not wear :P

  2. Hello, is it still available ??

    I want to get one, please reply me to my email tornado@phuteen.com,

    thanks alot.

  3. This figure was released recently.
    If you check out the shops or ebay you probably could still find one