Wednesday, September 9, 2009

GSC WHITE ALBUM - Yuki Morikawa 1/8 PVC Figure

From the series WHITE ALBUM which was originally a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Leaf, which later spawned a manga & anime, comes a PVC figure the main female lead Yuki Morikawa.

This figure has some nice paint shading on the skirt and sash. I also like how her hair looks from the back.The pastel red/pink colors are pleasing to the eye, and the pose and facial expression makes it feel like shes really singing (this figure should come with a singing base. Now THAT would be fantastic )

However, I really prefer the colors and look of Rina Ogata (see last pic) who is to be officially announced by GSC next month. Rina's bright striking colors(silver, blue, black stockings, gold trim... cool) and 'glam" feel really does it for me.

having said that, i try to cut down on randomly buying figures I find "nice" as compared to figures i REALLY want. So I would probably skip this and Rina also...

But you may think otherwise, so heres some pics for you.

If you decide you want one.. you can get yours HERE from PlayAsia. They ship internationally and offer free shipping to singapore.

Product name Yuki Morikawa (もりかわゆき)
Price 6,500Yen (~SGD$100)
Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8th scale - approx 21cm(H)
Sculptor Ken Yokota


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