Monday, September 7, 2009

Bandai DX Chogokin Aquarion Gold Ver. (Tamashii Web Shop Limited)

Bandai has announced they are going to re-issue Aquarion as a Tamashii Web Shop Limited item. Retailing at 20,790Yen(~SGD320), this Aquarion would be gold plated version, 40cm tall and made of ABS, PVC and Zinc Alloy.

This version is probably based on the previous DX Chogokin GD-99 that was released in 1008, so you would expect all the same features, such as coming with Vector Sol, Vector Mars, and Vector Luna and being able to combine into Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Mars, and Aquarion Luna. Being based on the same design probably also means it would come with the same set of problems that plague the previous versions. namely being, unable to stand when combined without the stand and the absolutely hair wrenching complicated combination/transformation. What is different besides the whole toy being gold plated is the inclusion of 10 parts to re-create the "Mugen Infinite Punch" at seen in the last episode.

Overall seems like a nice piece to get. I quite liked the anime after watching it and being gold plated seems to add to Aquarion's already good looks. Since the price of the original pieces have already skyrocketed to ridiculous amounts on the resellers market, this is a good chance to get Aquarion. +1 for me :)

This is scheduled for a late December 09 release.

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