Thursday, February 12, 2009

Megahouse SRW Original Generation Deformer Daigenguar & Aussenseiter

These cool looking SRW mecha are to be released by Megahouse sometime in May 2009.
From the pics, the colors look vibrant and the sculpt has just the right mix of coolness and cuteness.

Will update more info on where to get them once pre-order/purchase info is released. Current retail price is pegged at 5,775円 (~SGD$96) for Daigenguar and 6,825円(~SGD$114) for Aussenseiter... PRICEY :P
Aussenseiter is transformable to horse mode though.. so that is really a plus

Well.. here are some pics fromthe japan 2009 winter expo for you to decide if you should shell out your hard earned cash



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