Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diskvision Original EVE 1/5.5 PVC Figure

Came across this is an absolutely stunning sculpt. It is a cast-off figure so you will be able to view her naughty bits. Stands at 30cm stand and will set you back 14,490円 (~SGD$238). That is if you can get a friend in Japan to get one for you since the particular shop selling this version (daikikougyou) does not ship out of Japan.

*Update you can order this from Play-Asia Here. They ship internationally. In addition it seems another run for this and will be opening for pre-order soon.

Anyways words are not needed here.. view the pic

I KNOW what you are thinking.. so go HERE if you want to see all. Absolutely NSFW.. you pervs.. lolz




  1. Could this figure possibly be a character from some anime or manga, and if so, would anyone know which one?


  2. I saw somewhere that it said "Kan'u Unchou" or something like that, a character from Ikkitousen, the anime. This EVE character doesn't quite look anything like Kanu Unchou though, so I'm not convinced :|