Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot Toys 16 scale Terminator Endoskeleton T800 (Battle Damaged Version)

The Terminator - Endoskeleton 12" high action figure with eyes light up function

Finally manage to get my hands on a Hot Toys Endoskeleton. Although it is a battle damaged version and not the original clean version. I still prefer this figure because with the battle marks on the body. It seems to be more realistic...

Below is the details of what is included in the box:

**Weapons include: VULCAN M134 / Laser Gun / Plasma Rifle
**Material: Plastic-ABS / PVC
**Gimmick: Light up red eyes
**Highlight: over 52 points of articulation
**Each figure comes with figure display stand featuring
**The Terminator logo

For a full video view, see my vids at:

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