Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maxfactory Max Gokin Dragonar 1

Maxfactory is finally releasing another chogokin into their MAX Gokin line.
This time is a very nice rendition of Chogokin Dragonar 1. Dragonar 1 is expected to be released in June 2009 at a recommended retail price of 22800Yen(~SGD$374).

I really hope MaxFactory sees this thru and Actually releases the gokin, they do have a habit of posting protoypes at trade fairs then never releasing them. I am still waiting of the re-issue of mazinkaiser which they showed at a trade fair last year and never materilized.

I do really like maxfactory gokins as the 2 I have (GGG and Godanner) are really well made. Well lets keep our fingers crossed

*update:Folks outside of Singapore can pre-order from Play-Asia HERE. They ship internationally.


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