Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alter K-On - Akiyama Mio 1/8 PVC Figure

Since my last post on the Mio Nendoroid, I have finished watching the K-On anime :)
I must admit, I found the anime quite nice. its refreshing to watch an anime with a lack of any sort of fan service once in a while.. :)

This particular PVC figure of Mio from Alter would definitely make K-On fans happy. Mio is in a nice twirly-whirly pose and has a matching facial expression to boot. The hair is sculpted to give the figure a fuller feel and her skirt has just the right amount of 'lift" to entice.. :P There is also some nice detailing on Mio's guitar (check out the knobs) and colors are also up to Alter's usual good standard. From the pics it seems like Mio would be posed with upcoming figure of Ritsu and that would make a nice display. I am sure Yui and Tsumugi (maybe Azusa) would come sooner or later to complete the set.

All in all a good PVC figure for K-On fans or even a casual collector.
Me?? I watched the anime and liked it, but not enough for me to get a PVC figure of the characters :P

You can get yours HERE at PlayAsia. They ship internationally.

Product Name : Akiyama Mio

Price 6,800Yen (~SGD$102)

Release Date 2009/11

Dimensions 1/8 scale, approx 20cm(H)


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