Friday, August 7, 2009

First Look: Maxfactory FullMetal Demon Muramasa

Here are some pre-view pics of the upcoming Demon Muramasa from MaxFactory. Muramasa is from an upcoming PC game title from nitro+
For the first time, I would have to say a MaxFactory gokin is UGLY. Not just ordinary ugly.. but BUTT ugly.

Omg, this looks like a mess of fat red...STUFF. WHY did MaxFactory choose to make this when there are so many other better mecha designs out there.

When my wife saw this when I was putting up this post, she asked.. "Is that a Lobster? looks like a lobster!".. nuff said

Here are some pics of the prototype for you to shake your head over... Maybe it'll look better as they develop the gokin more..One can only hope.

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