Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fewture ExGokin ENERGER 1969

Just announced from Fewture , Energer 1969 will join the ranks of the EXGokin series.
Frankly speaking, I am not very excited at this release though. Although the ExGokin range is a great line, its come to a point where i wish Fewture had some other liceases to make rather then just Mazingers..

But anyways, this mecha doesn't look too bad. I like the gold trimming. The articulated bike ramp on its back is ok.

Overall, it feels and looks like the other mazinger releases and I just can't get excited about it. This plus the lack of accessories (it only comes with 4 hands, stand and small bike) means I'll probably save the 300 dollars for something else.

Material:Die-Cast, PVC , ABS , POM
Expected Release date: March 2011
RRSP: 19,800Yen (~SGD$310)



  1. is this worth to get ?

  2. In my opinion.. not really
    if you are an avid fewture collector you would have lots of similar ones like Mazinger 1969 (which looks nicer).
    If you are a first time fewture buyer, i would rather you buy something more spectacular... like Shin Getter perhaps..
    Just my 2 cents

  3. i have already pre-order the Fewture EX GOKIN SHIN GETTER 1 ~ (my 1st fewture product collection)
    and i also have all those SOC (GX) energer by Bandai ~
    so now i m thinking of whether to get this(ENERGER 1969) or not ?