Friday, May 28, 2010

May 2010 Hong Kong Trip

Hi Folks

Long long time since you've seen a post from me. I blame my hectic work schedule and general laziness :P Anyways, just came back from Hong Kong a few days ago and I thought it would be good to share some of my buys from this great place.

Basically what you see here are bought from the Mongkok area in HK. I did visit the causeway bay area shops but found there were more treasures in Mongkok. I got from stuff from
  • Sino Center
  • CTMA Center
  • Richmund Building
Anyways.. enough talk.. here are my buys.

Had to pack everything into a box and check-in this carton.. lucky I brought minimal luggage over...
This carton weighed in at around 10kg :P
Had to hand carry some stuff too as the carton couldn't fit everything...

Heres everything unpacked... problem is...where am i going to store them... :P

And here is a breakdown of the toys and where i got them

From the left- top down.. we have
Most Wanted GDX-01 Gaiking
Most Wanted GDX-02 Raiking

Most Wanted GDX-03 Balking

Got all 3 from CTMA Basement 2 at a steal. I could have bought the
GDX-C01 GAIKING COMPLETE BOXSET if i wanted but the shopkeeper advised (and showed me) that the gold accents on the separate boxes were brighter. Besides the brighter gold accents, the boxset and separate boxes are totally similar.The three robots combines to form Great Gaiking (image courtesy of Most Wanted official page as I haven't opened mine yet)

Next we have (left to right_ top down)
Nendoroid Sumomo Akihime+Nintendo DS game of Nanatsuiro Drops (Sino Center 2nd Flr)
Kaiyodo Revoltech Danboard Mini Box Version (Sino Center 3rd Flr)
CMS Brave Gokin 27 Linebarrels Mode B (CTMA 2nd Flr)
Yamato Planetry Robot Danguard Ace [Plated Version] (CTMA 2 Flr)

And finally (top down)

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-41B Black Raideen
(Sino Center 3 Flr)
Mysterious Black Box (more on this later)

Megahouse Deformer SRW Alteisen (CTMA 2nd Flr)

Megahouse Deformer SRW Weibritter (CTMA 2nd Flr)

So what is in that stupid black box??!!!??
It is actually the best buy of my whole trip.... A painted resin figure of Gurren Lagann in its final form
I always wanted this figure. The original one from Volks was a pre-painted cold cast statue and cost a BOMB. E2046 also had a pre-painted resin figure but costed a bomb also and has long since sold out.
So when i saw this at Richmund Building, my eyes lit up instantly and I knew I had to get it. Admitedly the paintwork is probably not up to par to Volks or E2046 standard, but for the price I was getting it for.. I had no complains. And the guy was airbrushed this did quite a nice job IMHO.

These are some pics I took of the figure when i was in the shop.
I still have to use contact adhesive to join the main parts together for mine (it is still a kit).

I Love this figure :D

On the whole, it was a fulfilling and very enjoyable experience toy hunting in Hong Kong. There was lots to see and buy and the price was Great! I spent slightly less then HKD4000 (~SGD$720) for all the toys you see above.

Will try to do a post with maps, descriptions and general tips when toy hunting in HK soon.

Until then


  1. Welcome back! I visit everyday hoping that you would return to posting. Believe me I understand about schedules and getting a bit lazy at times..thank God for scheduled posting!

  2. Thanks for your support :)
    Its nice to be appreciated...

    I will try to find time to post some of the more interesting stuff thats going around.

  3. Its cool bro.. I love your nendroid posts and figma figures. I collect mostly urban vinyl toys and 1/6th figures/ I love the revoltech line as well. Have you seen the Bodhi Dharma figure from Triad Toys? check it-

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  5. Hey any idea where will I be able to find DX-99 SOC Aquarion?

    I just went to HK and went to the shops you mentioned in this post, but somehow I can't find it at all...=(

  6. I had a hard time searching for this post, Looking forward for your upcoming writings.Great blog, have you seen this toy's merchandise, its pretty amazing! I just bought mine at PIJ, it is so cool!